Lev Literary helps you craft and complete/offers literary services spanning the entire writing process for your business, creative, or academic piece.

Whether your literary piece needs some sprucing up, or a total makeover,

Whether you need your project written for you in its entirety, or the completion of a project that’s already on its way,

Whether you could use some guidance in conquering bumps in the writing process,

Whether you need help finding your audience, or crafting a successful submission,

Lev will develop and deliver your work into the well-written, reader-ready masterpiece that it’s meant to be.


Whether you need a text written from start to finish, or the completion of a project that is already on its way, Lev Literary will provide you with a polished final text that matches your goal, vision, and style.


The quality of your writing is important to the success of your project. Lev Literary specializes in developmental editing services – thorough, precise editing that will elevate your work and ensure that your ideas are presented flawlessly and effectively.


Need help getting your literary project across the finish line? Lev Literary can guide you through every stage of the writing process, help you make a schedule.


Submissions are more than just following guidelines and filling out forms. Lev Literary can help you craft an effective submission to get what you want, whether that’s publication, funding, a residency, job, or award.

What My clients say about me

We are a tourism agency…After working with all kinds of translators and friends who translated our texts in a dry and superficial manner, we accidentally discovered Lahevet!!
Within a few days, Lahevet understood our need, elevated our ideas, introduced a lot of passion and enthusiasm, and created marketing materials and documents for us in English, which we use all the time.
Our experience working with Lahevet was both very professional and enjoyable. We felt as if she was a part of our regular team and very committed to our success.
We warmly and wholeheartedly recommend Lahevet!

Naama Sapir
Co-founder of I Love BASH

I worked with Lahevet on a complex academic article I wrote on the debate between Ytzhaq Baer and Leo Strauss. The article contained many historical sources from different periods. Lahevet did a wonderful job of editing, she helped me to improve my work while respecting my style and ideas. The exchange with her were always friendly and insightful. I recommend warmly the editing of Lahevet.

Dr. Cedric Cohen-Skalli
Director, Bucerius Institute for Research of German History and Society, University of Haifa

I recently worked with Lahevet to edit a chapter of my book, Beautiful. It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate – Lahevet is not only an extremely skilled editor but also is very professional and thorough. She communicates very clearly around timing and deadlines, and always delivers when promised. She goes above and beyond, and is willing to work together as needed to create a clear, concise text that expresses what the author intended. And, she’s just a lovely person. I am looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Naomi Katz
Author and Educator, Co-Founder of

“I really appreciated the constructive criticism I received from Lahevet. She enjoyed many aspects of my novel, but also had some great suggestions that will allow the reader to sense my story more tangibly. It was a real pleasure to feel Lahevet’s enthusiasm and vibes for good writing.”

Prof. Ross Pinsky
Author and professor of mathematics

“Lev Literary helped me with great professionalism and great courtesy to apply for an art residency program. I am sure I will ask for her help in the future.”

Nadav Opher

“It was great working with Lev. I had a paper I wanted to submit to an academic journal and I was told I needed to improve my English in order to submit the paper. Lev read the draft, and then we talked together about the main points of my paper and the structure of my arguments. Lev is really good at analyzing main points, arguments and structure – and vastly improved the arch of my paper. She then gave me a draft with notes and helpful suggestion for re-organization and re-writing. After I made corrections to the paper, she went over the paper on a much finer grained micro-editing level, fixing formulations of sentences and making word choice corrections. I was extremely happy with the structure and professional flow of the final result. highly recommended service for editing. Thank you Lev!”


“Lahevet helped me write the abstract to my thesis. She did so patiently, professionalism, academically [in an academic manner], and successfully. Thank you. [!]”

Keshet Lebowitz, PhD

“As a medical professional, I am fully aware my writing is not as good as it could be. For three years, Lev Literary has provided excellent editing support for a wide range of statements, applications and essays. Her editing services are top-notch: she is efficient, communicates her thoughts and goals well, and I am consistently impressed by the final product.”

Brendan Prast,
Medical Student, national trainer and facilitator for primary care progress

“Lev Literary did a wonderful job editing parts of my graduate application to Columbia University. Lev also made sure to answer all of my questions and offered advice and ideas for my application. I am really satisfied with Lev’s work! Thank you!”

Roni Belenki

“Lev Literary is a phenomenal person to work with for any writing endeavor. Her coaching and feedback help me grow as a writer. She is detail-oriented, thorough, and thoughtful in editing. Most importantly, she is dedicated, professional, and passionate about her work. I could not recommend her enough!”

Zoe Osherow
Writer and educator

Lahevet’s editing skills are superb…She covers everything from grammatical issues to character work, inconsistencies and word choice…She has the passion and discipline needed to get the job done as well as the skills to do it right.

Jennifer Neff
Mystery Writer

I can personally attest to Lahevet’s skill as an editor! She does a terrific job at pointing out details easily overlooked by the writer…her suggestions were well thought-out and addressed in a way that made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of them in the first place. It was probably the most constructive review of any of my work that I have ever received.

Brendon Lemmex
Science-Fiction Writer

Working with Lahevet was a good professional experience. Lahevet is a very good listener and facilitator. She helped me to organize my thoughts and ideas into a coherent message and did everything with grace and in a very pleasant manner.
I recommend her as a professional editor.

Dr. Omna Berick-Aharony

Lahevet is respectful and patient…She has never failed to answer my concerns and questions, and has always given me a clear explanation of her edits…Lahevet is always encouraging, supportive and optimistic, and has always made me feel that she believes in my work. I would recommend Lahevet to anyone, and look forward to working with her in the future.

Maureen Deily
Historical Fiction Writer

I am currently polishing my book in preparation for publication. I have had the pleasure of having Lahevet as an editor during this endeavor. What strikes me most is the thoroughness of Lahevet’s edits. I have had numerous editors…but it has always been difficult to find that person who can truly…make a final draft shine. It is clear that Lahevet possesses a firm grasp of the elements required to produce an exceptional book…Lahevet ensures that all the threads of a story tie together into a strong, cohesive book…I have never been disappointed.

Sammie Betler
Fantasy Writer

I was impressed by Lahevet’s rigor. She researched the fellowship to which I was applying, and helped me analyze my audience and the messages I was trying to communicate…I was extremely happy with the structure and professional flow of the final result. It seems others were impressed as well, as I received the fellowship.

Ahinoam Pollack
National Science Foundation Geophysics Research Fellow at Stanford University